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A Tribute to Roxie Bardo

Roxie Bardo is a 20 year old American Recording Artist.
The Tennessee native has been performing since age 5.

Her interest in songwriting began to manifest in her early teens and has proven to be the rock of her career.

Roxie has written and composed all of her own music.

Her first set of work, a self titled EP, was released in May 2012, received rave reviews and won her Female Vocalist of The Year at the 2013 LA Music Awards.

Roxie took new life in 2014 by releasing four new singles and a music video. Her musical style, compared to that of Jessie Ware, Banks, and Lorde to name a few, has evolved into rich sultry vocals layered over hip hop grooves that come off as sensual and effortless.

Her latest single “Bones” is causing a craze among her fans.  Roxie is currently working on new music that follows in the current vibe of “Bones” and will be released in early 2016.

The 20 year old also still has many goals and aspirations.  She’d like to continue to support Human & Animals Rights such as LA Children’s Hospital, Dogs For the Deaf, NKLA and The Beagle Freedom Project.  Roxie will continue branching out to create a substantial, meaningful platform which has always been her guiding force.
In Memory
Roxie Bardo passed away,
Sept. 22, 2016. She was 20 years old.

Forever in our Hearts
About Roxie
Roxie Bardo is a
Pop Recording Artist / Actress
and professional songwriter.
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